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5 in 1 Paracord Survival Bracelet

5 in 1 Paracord Survival Bracelet

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5 in 1 Survival Bracelet

Fire Starter, Emergency knife, Whistle, Compass, and 12 feet of Military grade paracord 

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 A stylish & practical survival bracelet with survival whistle designed on the buckle, great for camping, hiking, hunting or emergency. 


  • Flint / Fire Starter: It can start fires, in order to survive for boiling water, cooking , etc.
  • Scraper can be used as a knife,Whistle: Used for signalling help
  • Unraveled paracord string: Essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear.
  • Compass, used for finding your way through the outdoors 

High quality material, lightweight, comfortable and breathable 

Material: Polypropylene fiber 

Length: 25cm 

Width: 25mm 


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